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Links to previous speakers at ERTF conferences

  • Anne Kelly  Speaker April Conference 2018 (textile nature)
  • Michael Brennand-Wood Speaker October Conference 2017 (3-D textile art)
  • Susie Wareham  - Speaker October 2016 conference (Fabric to dye for) (no website)
  • Claire Bullock Speaker October 2016 (Feltmaking) 
  • Jan Knibbs Speaker October 2015 Conference (wearable art)
  • Lisa Tilley of U-Old-Bag Speaker April 2015 Conference (upcycled decorative items)
  • Chris Thomas Speaker Nov 2013 Conference (photography)
  • Karen Jinks Speaker Apr 2013 Conference (textile marketing and website design/management)
  • Mary Sleigh Speaker Nov 2012 Conference (African textiles)
  • Katie Chaplin Speaker Nov 2012 Conference (Japanese crafts and textiles)
  • Heidi Lichterman Speaker Apr 2012 Conference (textile artist and curator)
  • Lucy Day Speaker Apr 2012 Conference (artist and curator)
  • Deanna Tyson Speaker Apr 2012 Conference (painter and textile artist)
  • Stacey Harvey-Brown Speaker Apr 2011 Conference (weaver, plus speaker on personal/business development)
  • Les Bicknell- Speaker Nov 2010 Conference (book artist)
  • Debbie Lyddon Speaker Nov 2010 Conference (textile artist) 

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